About Us

Applying high-tech machine learning & artificial intelligence, QuantumCyte pioneers an AI integrated platform & automated tissue dissection in modern pathology for better patient outcomes. Its platform harnesses the power of AI for digital pathology to molecular analysis, to deliver precise & pure cellular data. The QuantumCyte platform enables far superior diagnostic results, especially for cancer patients. Growth of personalized medicine demands large amounts of molecular data, and QuantumCyte is poised to address this global demand with their ability to extract highly precise molecular data. The technology is endorsed in both clinical and research markets.

Founded in 2014, QuantumCyte is led by John Butler (CEO) and Bidhan Chaudhuri (CTO) both of whom have extensive experience and expertise in creating technology platforms for use in molecular diagnostics and therapies.

Our Leadership Team

John Butler. CEO and Co-Founder.

John has a strong background in advanced technology development for biotech applications and operations. He has spent over 20 years developing technologies for PCR based applications, technology development for human genome sequencing and most recently development of technologies to advance disease research. Mr Butler was a Director at Applied Biosystems (acquired by Thermo Fisher) and Manager of Manufacturing at Pacific Biosciences.

Dr Bidhan Chaudhuri. CTO & Co-Founder.

Bidhan jointly developed the Cytomask technology with John Butler. Core expertise is in bringing technology products from concept to high volume manufacturing which he has successfully achieved with at Intel, Han Hwa Solar and Pacific Biosciences. Notably, Dr Chaudhuri developed the SMRT chip, all the way to high volume manufacturing at Pac Bio. He holds a PhD in Material Sciences and MEMS

Bernadine Lim. CCO and Co-Founder.

Bernadine’s entrepreneurial spirit has seen her single handedly establish, on behalf of the company, a strategic foothold in Asia’s biotech industry.  This included the milestone establishment of a clinical research collaboration with Singapore General Hospital (SingHealth group), listed as the world’s top 10 hospital.  A  former Citigroup Global investment professional, Bernadine has extensive experience in Asia specializing  bio/medtech and healthcare. Notably, her business acumen & ability to effectively network and build up a diverse client base has been instrumental in her successful transition from the investment industry to working in the biotech sector.

Lynda Low. VP Asia Pacific & GM Asean.

Based in Singapore, Lynda is a tech industry veteran that has held various strategic & leadership roles in top fortune 500 companies such as HP & Dell in the Asia Pacific region. She has successfully delivered business results, driven channel partnerships and been instrumental in establishing both companies’ enterprise business market share leadership in Asia, especially China. Prior to joining the tech industry, Lynda was the Business Development lead for Health Management International, a regional health & hospital group. She assisted in their regional hospital expansion plans into Malaysia and led the launch of its first ever primary medical care insurance program with AIA in Singapore.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Anders Grunnet-Jepsen, PhD


Ron Davis, PhD


Stefanie S. Jeffrey, MD


J. Christopher Love, PhD