This was our first product ship.

After three years, two pivots and a ton of innovation, I am proud to announce that the Quantumcycte team shipped our first product today. Thank you to StartX. IndieBioSOSV and our many investors and suppliers for your support and guidance.

One month ago.
When you team up with a group that is just crazy enough to devote a substantial amount of their life to the development of a concept that came out of the two founders head, you get very supportive investors, friends and family that push you to keep moving forward, and a network that is willing to contribute to the cause, things eventually fall into place. This is our second shipment to a second customer, this will never get old. 

By linking Reveal Biosciences AI based #digitalpathology algorithms with Quantumcyte’s NextGen Microdissection technology we were able to extract RNA from 2700 liver sections in 28 days and ship to Lexogen for sequence analysis. Next stop after lexogen, OchreBio to analyze. What a great collaboration, the future looks great.

Bidhan Chaudhuri (CTO) and John Butler (CSO) pictured with a box that holds 1344 individual samples of RNA that were microdissected from 1344 liver tissue sections.